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[APD] CO2 systems

Vaughn H. wrote:

>I searched until I found a really good plastic check
>valve from the McMaster-Carr website.  I used it
>to make a bubble counter from a medical syringe-
>I siliconed it into the open end of the syringe.
>Worked great -- for a few weeks.  Then, like all
>plastic check valves it began leaking badly.  So,
>I installed the brass check valve I got from Rex to
>back it up.  I doubt any plastic check valve will endure
>CO2 usage for more than a few weeks.

I'd not had much luck with plastic check valves either, until I came
across some made by Aquatronics that are designed for use with
ozone systems.  I've had them in continuous use on my CO2 rig
for about 2 years.  Before I sent this post, I took one of them off
and tested it at 25 in.Hg of vacuum for over an hour and there was
no leak down, so they're holding up nicely.  If I remember correctly,
I paid about $5 per 2-pack.  That's pretty good bang for the buck.

Also, those looking for check valves should be aware that the 
brass ones sold for air pumps may not be very good.  The body may be
brass, but the rubber used to make the duckbill inside is not 
resistant or
is ill-fitting and may crap out.
Chuck Huffine

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