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Re: [APD] CO2 systems

Key term, "fit". If you can't fit or carry it, it won't be much use.
I pay $9.50 for 10 pounds of CO2 and $10 for 20 pounds. There *are* economies of scale, but it's a sliding scale, depending on where you live and from whom you buy.
Sorry to here you haven't seen any nice butts. Keep looking, one's bound to show up. ;-)
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Let's see, I pay about $7 - $8 for 5 pounds of CO2. It lasts about 6 months
on a 55 g.  I don't have problems hiding the tank, which is butt ugly.  I
can get 10 pounds for $9 and the tank is still butt ugly but I have no place
to hide it. Measure very carefully and think about what you want to look at. . .
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