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[APD] CO2 System: What you wish you knew

Good afternoon,
  My name is Steve and I'm a graduate student at Texas A&M University who is looking to set up my first successful (I've done a lot of research this time!) planted tank.  The only equipment I have yet to acquire is a pressurized CO2 system for my 55 gallon tank I'm planning to convert into a planted tank.
  I have been doing some internet shopping and reading through the archives, but I have just one question I'd like to pose to you all since you seem so knowledgeable about this sort of thing.
  What is the one or two (or more) things you wish you had known about pressurized CO2 systems before you committed to purchasing one?  What do you wish you knew then that you know now, either through research or finding out "the hard way?"
  I'd be interested in hearing your comments on what you wish you had done differently.
  Thanks so much, and I'm looking forward to your responses!
  Cheers & Gig'Em,

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