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Re: [APD] one figer or two middle fingers

Well, I type with two fingers, so one is no big deal, I make a
few mistakes and mispellings but I also type 2x faster than most
that use all 8 fingers and their thumbs.

Nettiquette is different for different folks.

"i can not c , r u nuts?"
 Type of emails are rude...............quick IM ing perhaps.....

I have one email person that is blind, and has a brail board and
audio relay, pretty cool really.

But things that are not due to the disability....well, it's a
hard call and I'm meaner than a cornered rodent, but most are
pretty nice off the web. (Not me, I'm still rabid:-)

The web allows for many assumptions and personal booboos.
Very hard to know what someone is meaning or not.

If I can type with 2 fingers, that means I can type without
fingers, a couple of "stumps" is all I need, even one is fine,
as long as it takes. 
I can attach a couple of Ammannia stems to the end of the stumps
to type. I could add scissor attachments for pruning also, robo

My point is that while disabilities do and can happen, many of
us will have them, the issue is really one of attitude and how
you respond to adversity........that shows much more who you
are, as well as assumptions you make about others..........

Plants are cool, plants are great........stick with them and
stay away from fake..........

Tom Barr



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