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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 34, Issue 28

George,  Is this message as rude as it seems?  How do you presume to know what "most of us" do with Phaylanx's posts?  They are full of useful information to me, and focusing on the format is about as petty and irrelevant a thing as I can imagine.  

What started last week with a sincere and simple question about the different formatting of P's posts, was augmented with some good-natured ribbing from his pals, and then Phaylanx's reply just made it so clear why we shouldn't make assumptions about anything.  We may be shooting words anonymously over the Internet here, but they can still be hurtful.  Don't mean to be preaching, but I just was flabbergasted to read your post this morning.  If there's another meaning here, let me know what it is please.  Lots of people read these posts and if this is insider's teasing, it is lost on "most of us."

Jamie Bright
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  > . . .to all
  > the english critics----if you had my problems you might not  try-----i
  > type with one finger----can not atch the screen when i type--i have a
  > palsey that inhibits my accurate typing. . .

  Maybe you should not waste your precious time trying to type because most of
  us skip over your bizarre posts anyway. 

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