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Re: [APD] Limnophilia Aromatica -- Name that deficiency

  I have just started growing Limnophilia Aromatica within the last two months.  Grew well for awhile, then started getting pinholes in the new growth with the old growth dying away.  In any case, very slow growth.  What might this be?  All other plants growing like weeds....glosso, riccia, baby tears, etc....The only thing that doesn't particularly like my tank is java fern, which gets black on the leaves.  A small amount of green spot algae.  Other than that, tank clean.  Parameters below....

  65 gallon
  100% flourite substrate
  50% weekly water change
  3.38 wpg
  Ph 7.0
  Kh 8.0
  Pressurized Co2 = approx. 25
  Dose according to Tom's EI:  
  15ml Prime 3x
  calcium & magnesium (KH/GH from tap are 0)
  Seachem potassium 2 caps 3x week
  I have noticed that nitrate uptake is not as fast in my tank.  I was dosing from the EI at first, so I had to lower it or it built up to 20+.  On the other hand, I dose more phosphate that the EI to keep the green spot algae at bay.
  Inhabitants include:
  6" SAE
  20 glowlights
  Many Cherry shrimp
  Many Snails
  Thanks for any ideas...Beverly

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