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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 34, Issue 28

Absolutely, Scott.  And I certainly didn't mean to imply your posts aren't
worth reading, Phaylanx.  If they weren't I wouldn't have suggested that you
try to fix them!  ;-)  Under the circumstances, bad keyboard and all, I'd
say they look pretty good.

I have a friend who is completly quardaplegic and he has some pretty nifty
alternate input devices.  Not cheap, to be sure, but it's cool to see him be
able to get online.

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Sorry to hear of your typing problems. I just wondered why the hypens
instead of "."  

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. . .to all
the english critics----if you had my problems you might not  try-----i type
with one finger----can not atch the screen when i type--i have a palsey that
inhibits my accurate typing. . .

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