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Re: [APD] Used Acrylic Tank Repair

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 21:18:07 -0600, DurocShark
<durocshark at gmail_com> wrote:

>I've never tried to fix a seam in an acrylic tank, though I've had good luck
>with silicone for non-structural cracks. Usually with a bit of hardware
>store acrylic as a backing.

Just a word on silicone. Once you use it on many
surfaces, you can't get anything else to stick to it.
So, if acrylic is one of those things and it doesn't
work, you're out of options once you use it. 

It's a great adhesive but it has limitations if it's
going to hold a lot of weight/force. It works on glass
aquariums because the force is spread out over a large
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