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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 34, Issue 27

BILLY------go to any plastic fabrication shop-------they will sell you
the proper materials to fix your tank-----ask for any scrap they might
sell you or give you to fix your tank--------a dremmel will cut the
deformed plastic away------and the proper solvent will make a very water
tite joint---with a little practice you can build  any tank of any
size---------the thickness of the plastic is stronger as it gets
thicker---------i use plastic for all my new tanks---the old ones of
glass i keep but they are heavy and harder to move around--------to all
the english critics----if you had my problems you might not  try-----i
type with one finger----can not atch the screen when i type--i have a
palsey that inhibits my accurate typing----at times i hit several keys
at once-----try hitting the shift key and the letter you need to type
with one finger-------while you hold the key board in your other shaking
hand------i am lucky to keep the shakes together--------i hve brain
damage from being dead for 15 minutes----my suggestion to all that feel
my posts are unsightly and not worth reading------do not read them--i
could use spell check and take another hour to correct my errors------i
think my friends do not mind and any one else need not read--------also
my key bard is old and it does not always register the key strokes given

(1) Environmental project 

Rehabilitation help needed for 1500 acres in north western TENN

If you read this and have access to;

Catalpa seeds  southern and northern,
Turks head , English , Bur, Chesnut and other white Oak acorns----please
contact as they are needed for a reforestration project

 The nom de plume for the breeder of red,
   blue and other spectaclur Phelsuma, Gonatoda,  Sphaerodactylus and
Lygodactylus --- all of which are day Geckos-------any breeders or
caretakers of these are invited to chat------and trade to expand the
captive gene pool--------the Phelsuma are the most studied--the others
are almost forgotten 


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