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Re: [APD] Used Acrylic Tank Repair

Your best bet is to use acrylic cement. It contain a solvent for acrylic and therefore will fuse the two pieces of acrylic together. You bring the two surfaces together and apply the cement via a "hypodermic" and capillary action draws the cement neatly into the joint. Then clamp the joint and wait an hour or so before removing the clamp. Don't stress the joint for about a day, to be safe.
If you're not comfortable with that, you can try Weld-on 16. This is acrylic cement with dissolved acrylic material in it. It dries to form acrylic, just as hard as the aquarium panels and when applied to an acrylic joint fuses the joint pieces together, but not as tidily as using the hypo and capillary-action method. 
Best to try this a few times on practice pieces; there is some skill involved in getting a good flow while avoiding drips.
Good luck,   
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I recently purchased a used 50 Gallon rounded acrylic Freshwater tank with
built in 15 Gallon Sump. I got it for 20.00 and in need of some major
repairs. It was a cheap price, so I thought I would give it a try.
The front panel has separated from the top piece of acrylic and I need to
get something to re-'weld' them back together. 
The tank holds water, although at the moment it bows severely due to the
separation. Any suggestions on a substance that will fix this?
The tank also is pretty badly scratched with some clouding all over. Has
anyone had any lick with acrylic repair kits, and/or recommendations for
fixing this? 
I'm not really expecting to make this a show tank, but I would like for it
to look nice while acting as a breeding tank for my Cherry and CRS shrimp.

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