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Re: [APD] Used Acrylic Tank Repair

> The tank also is pretty badly scratched with some clouding all over. Has
> anyone had any lick with acrylic repair kits, and/or recommendations for
> fixing this?

I've never tried to fix a seam in an acrylic tank, though I've had good luck
with silicone for non-structural cracks. Usually with a bit of hardware
store acrylic as a backing.

As for scratches, I saved a pet store I worked at many years ago bunches of
money on their tanks. They had all acrylic tanks and the neighborhood punks
like to come in and tag the tanks with keys. They were replacing them
because hand polishing with the Novus kits wouldn't do enough.

I brought in my DA buffer and some meguiar's cleaner wax. A few minutes on
each tank and the scratches were reduced enough to make them usable again.
You have to use some judgement here though, because you're not removing the
scratch, but removing material around the scratch to make it seem to
disappear. You're making your tank thinner in this process.
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