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[APD] Used Acrylic Tank Repair

I recently purchased a used 50 Gallon rounded acrylic Freshwater tank with
built in 15 Gallon Sump. I got it for 20.00 and in need of some major
repairs. It was a cheap price, so I thought I would give it a try.
The front panel has separated from the top piece of acrylic and I need to
get something to re-'weld' them back together. 
The tank holds water, although at the moment it bows severely due to the
separation. Any suggestions on a substance that will fix this?
The tank also is pretty badly scratched with some clouding all over. Has
anyone had any lick with acrylic repair kits, and/or recommendations for
fixing this? 
I'm not really expecting to make this a show tank, but I would like for it
to look nice while acting as a breeding tank for my Cherry and CRS shrimp.

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