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Re: [APD] Simulating sunrise & sunset in Aquarium Lightin

On 6/24/06, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
> The dawn dusk effect won't have any appreciable effect on your fish or
> plants, but you might enjoy it.

I think you are probably right, but one thing I've noticed: many of my
killies go through a moment of panic whenver the lights go on or off
suddenly. Other fish sometimes seem to take notice, sometimes not, but the
killies really freak out for a few seconds. I've often wondered if a gradual
lighting/dimming would be less stressful on them, but since it's only
momentary and they have been healthy and vibrant in every other way, I've
never really worried about it.

The other thing I can see gradual lighting periods being used for is to
induce spawning of the dawn/dusk spawning species (like some Tetras and
Danios I think?). Not sure if it would work, but I can imagine someone
trying it.

As for plants, I doubt it makes any difference at all. At least, I've never
read that it does. Hydroponics growers don't bother with gradual lighting

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