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Re: [APD] Guppies and flow rates

Just and observation from here at the store.  We run big central 
systems (6000g Manufactures rated capacity) and of course every now and 
again fish escape thru the screens on our filter returns and ends up 
down in the sump.  I was truly amazed to find a batch of guppies back 
there one afternoon.  Not so much that they were there and actually 
holding their own against the current in the sump - but when i went to 
net them, they deftly darted *UPSTREAM* away from me. 

of course.. i *had* to get the calculator out.  This sump received 
ALMOST 8000 gallons an hour (7800 or so was the actual flow) which 
ammounted to about 98 total volumes per hour thru the sump.

I have yet to even see a reef tank with this kind of circulation rates -
 yet guppies were swimming along happily and loving life.

JUST my observations.

-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

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