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Re: [APD] Simulating sunrise & sunset in Aquarium Lighting

Thre are ways to do this with some fluorescent bulbs and ballasts by diming the bulbs -- IceCap ballast can handle dimming with an appropriate dimmer -- very pricey though.. Generally, getting the dimmng to work on a timed cycle is a bit tough and will require a very expensive controller. Also note that diming drastically shortens the life of a fluorescent bulb -- jsut the opposite of the effect with an incandescent bulb.
You might consider getting one (or two or more for a large aquarium) 13 watt bulb compact fluorescent bulbs and having these turn on  in sequence before the main lights, at which time they can cycle off. Then have this repeat before the main lights go off.
AHsupply.com has some 13 watt kits that work well for this.
The dawn dusk effect won't have any appreciable effect on your fish or plants, but you might enjoy it.

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Hi! All,

I have a 90 g planted tank which has 210 watts of PL lights controlled by a
digital timer. Was wondering if it is possible to simulate day & night using
the same light. This would be better for the fishes as compared to all the
lights coming on at the same time & all of them getting switched off at the
same time.Is there any device available using which the lights can come on
slowly simulating sunrise and then swich off slowly simulating sunset?
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