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Re: [APD] All-male guppy tank & current strength?

I believe Feddern, Tanya wrote this email section below:
> Yeah, that's why I thought the 2 species (guppies & Borneo Sucker
> loaches) would be compatible, because I thought they both needed a
> fast-moving current.  Then, I read a source saying that guppies don't
> want a fast-moving current.  So, does this mean I can't have my loaches
> and my guppies, too?  Maybe this is how hobbyists end up with several
> tanks...

There is fast and FAST.

Your loaches need FAST water.

If you research these fish you'll see that most aquarium shops just 
shouldn't be selling them as they do require specialist tanks.

Why not go for Zebra Loaches. They're small, active, look cute and do the 
work of clown loaches without the size problem?


Stuart Halliday
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