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Re: [APD] Reversing day/night, Tank too hot, CO2 for day & O2 for night

I believe Feddern, Tanya wrote this email section below:

> 2) The water temperature is 27.7C to 28.4C.  Do you have any thoughts on
> how to lower my tank temperature to 25C or 26C?  (Lowering my home air
> conditioning is not an option for me.)  I noticed that the lower
> temperature is generally towards the evening, so I was thinking of
> reversing the day for the tank by wrapping a dark cloth around the tank
> during the day and perhaps having a floor fan angled to blow on the
> front of the tank and using the hood lights at night.  Do you have any
> other ideas?    

One method is to wrap a coil of 9mm air tubing (about 10 feet) and place 
this into the tank.
Take both ends and put them into your nearest sink. Then run cold water 
through the pipe.
The cold water will help to cool the tank.

Some people run cold water in the pipes through a fridge or one of those 
small car mini-fridges.

Alternatives are blowing air over the top of the water surface with small fans.

 > (Lowering my home air conditioning is not an option for me.)

Surely you mean increasing your air conditioning machine? ;-)

 > 3) With my heavily-planted tank, I was thinking of having the following
 > fish: 5 Chinese Hillstream Loach (aka: Borneo Sucker, Hillstream Loach,

These fish like cool (18-24C), *fast* flowing, very well oxygenated water. 
You'll not get that with a temperature of 25+C. So they'll just die and 
you'll have wasted your money.

and then read

Then decide if you can keep them. ;-)

Stuart Halliday
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