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Re: [APD] Up yer nose with a PVC hose....lol

Fortunately, many of us have conducted carefully controlled  
scientific experiments on this subject.  Some of the more daring  
drink from garden hoses, and have done so since childhood.  (None  
have yet to grow even a second head.)  Others have wrapped their  
daily lunch sandwich in saran wrap for upwards of 30 years, and none  
have yet to grow green hair.)  I chose a much safer experiment - I  
drain and refill aquariums using a garden hose.  My experiment only  
started last December, so I wouldn't expect to see three headed  
snails yet, but I can assure everyone that this practice has not yet  
harmed a single species of algae in my tank.

My apology to those who were following this discussion hoping to  
learn something profound.

Vaughn H.

On Jun 20, 2006, at 11:22 AM, Terry Barber wrote:

> but there you go presenting an article written by an organization  
> that has a
> particular agenda and is perhaps a little biased......ok I'll  
> accept that
> ....but in their own article they say.................
> "The uses of PVC most likely to impact your health include plastic in
> contact with food, such as plastic wrap and containers for leftovers,
> andchildren's toys, especially those likely to be sucked on.plastic in
> contact with food, such as plastic wrap and containers for  
> leftovers, and
> children's toys, especially those likely to be sucked on."
> This article is all hype with no clear definition of the problem  
> that it is
> going to cause me.  You say it causes problems..........but what  
> problem?
> So are you sucking on your garden hose?  Are you burning your  
> garden hose
> and inhaling the fumes?  Do you use saran wrap?
> Put this back into the context of an aquarist filling an aquarium  
> with a
> garden hose.  What problem exactly will we see?  Dead fish?  Dead  
> plants?
> Fish with cancer?  Three headed snails?  What exactly?   Some  
> chlorine ion
> that is part of table salt?   NaCl?  How much of that do you consume
> everyday??
> Facts not hype.............where is the danger to my aquarium?   I  
> still
> don't see any.

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