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Re: [APD] softened water success story?

You have a conclusion already?
I think we're fishing for a bit a red herring here. It wasn't the PVC that was described as "poison.", it was the chemical added to prevent mold, fungus, or algae, or all three, depending which packaging claims you believe. The matter of plasticizers was brought up as a side issue - but all flexible plastics have plasticizers - some undoubtedly safer than others and PVC itself takes in as broad range of chemicals as the many various types of PVC. 
Also a side issue, was whether the molds, fungi and algae the grow in the hose are at all harmful. 
As for the petrochemical algacide/fungicide/moldacide, nobody seems to know what that is.
I knew a fellow that worked as a gas station attendant. He used to tell me, "I been breathin' gas fumes all these years and it aint' hurt me a bit. Been doin' this forty or so years now, so I guess I know what's what's." That doesn't prove anything. That's just one guy I new. In some ways, one of the happiest fellows I ever met.
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Problem is that these links all say the same thing...........and not any
real infomation.  Doesn't change my conclusion.

However you did peak my interest.   The compound used to make garden hose is
most always a flexible PVC.
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