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Re: [APD] softened water success story?

Naw, I wouldn't have guessed the one from the other. Too many suppressed premises to make that leap. I would guess that a garden hose is suitable for certain uses for which it is sold. But I would not guess that algacides or fungicides would have much immediate observable effect on my lawn. The lawn is a relatively open system and has other sources of water. So I'd have to jump across more than a lawn to get from fungicide treated hose to lawn killer.
Otoh, "posion" is an especially rich term, ripe with portention.
Some people insist on using food safe containers, some refuse to use any but the most refined CO2 and lab grade nitrates. Some don't care if the hose is treated with fungicides. Some never know one way or the other and so, enjoy a special kind of happiness. ;-)
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I have been using the standard green lawn and garden hoses for years to fill my aquariums. I have never had a problem with them. If they had poison in them, don't you think that might also kill the grass and the plants in the gardens?

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