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Re: [APD] FW polychaete worms and cyclones

We had a nasty cyclone come ashore 500 km east of Darwin.   Cyclone Monica
was estimated to have winds of 350 km per hour and was the lowest barometric
pressure recorded here in Australia.   It dumped up to 12 inches of rain
along its path once it came ashore.   It ripped up houses and school in a
remote community then went to unpopulated areas.   It looks like the
frequency and intensity of these storms is increasing.

The roads to my favourite plant collecting places are still under water and
we are well into the "dry" season.

The latest key for Australian Aponogetons is published and if anybody wants
a copy email me off the list.


Dave Wilson <aqua_green at bigpond.com>

On 13/6/06 2:38 AM, "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Regards, 
> Tom Barr
> In a very wet Flordia.......Alberto hit north fortunately.
> It's going to be be long nasty year for folks in FL.
> www.BarrReport.com

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