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Re: [APD] Shipping & receiving and storing of plants

Though I am no wholesaler, I will offer some advice from my own experience as a
I have often kept plants that I've taken from my tanks in 5 gal buckets w. some
 water for a week at a time.  The plants are a bit diminished, but they do grow
back when given a good environment again.
Now, this may not be ideal if the plants are to be sold AFTER just sitting for a
while.  If they'll be displayed for sale, you'll want them looking their best. 
So, maybe the addition of some CO2?  Tho, in a low light situation, you may get
away w. just having some fish in there w. the plants to provide a bit in the way
of nutrients.



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> Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 11:27:50 +0200
> From: "Laser" <laser at rse_co.za>
> Subject: [APD] Bump - Shipping & receiving and storing of plants
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> PLEASE, anyone have *any* feedback for me?
> Dear experts, I need advice please
> A local fish breeder here has decided he would like to start bringing in
> shipments of plants. Problem is he has'nt done this before and is not sure
> of the protocol. He has large 400 litre holding tanks (with overhead
> flourescents) that he will be using to store the plants. Questions are:
> How do you store a mass of aquatic plants until they are ready to be sold?
> By this I mean is it better to have them in a low light tank or do they need
> the high lights to survive the stay?  Besides for dechlorination of holding
> tank water do the plants get ferts while in storage or do they live on their
> own nutrients until bought? I would really like to help this guy out as he
> is a good friend of mine so *any* info you can divulge would be appreciated
> very much. Thanking you kindly.
> Kind Regards
> Cameron

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