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[APD] FW polychaete worms

I've seen these a few times, they are slightly reddish, live
deep in the substrate, look like they might bite, roughly 1-2.5"
long, they where in tanks with fish that would most certainly
eat them if they could.

I'll see if I can get close to an ID.
I'm not big on worm taxonomy, plants/algae perhaps, but not the
wormies other than a few common species in a few classes.
The bristles are referred to as "parapodia". Earthworms have
only a few parapodia, and are called Oligochaeta. 

There's also some neat leeches I've found in FL that inch around
and are about the same size if not larger and are white in
color(all leeches are canivorous and geneally will go after you
as well).

Both are fairly attractive as far as worms go.

Leave it to the "worm list" to answer some questions:


Tom Barr

In a very wet Flordia.......Alberto hit north fortunately.
It's going to be be long nasty year for folks in FL.



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