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[APD] Bump - Shipping & receiving and storing of plants

PLEASE, anyone have *any* feedback for me?

Dear experts, I need advice please

A local fish breeder here has decided he would like to start bringing in
shipments of plants. Problem is he has'nt done this before and is not sure
of the protocol. He has large 400 litre holding tanks (with overhead
flourescents) that he will be using to store the plants. Questions are:

How do you store a mass of aquatic plants until they are ready to be sold?
By this I mean is it better to have them in a low light tank or do they need
the high lights to survive the stay?  Besides for dechlorination of holding
tank water do the plants get ferts while in storage or do they live on their
own nutrients until bought? I would really like to help this guy out as he
is a good friend of mine so *any* info you can divulge would be appreciated
very much. Thanking you kindly.

Kind Regards

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