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Re: [APD] Where to get Calcium Carbonate?

S. Hieber wrote:
> A bit goofy, that description is. It sounds like it claims that allowing the CO2 to purge from inside the bag allows O2 to exchange. I don't think the level of CO2 and O2 are very closely related as dissovled gases. Adding or subtracting one has virtually no effect on the other.
> But that's not denying that the pastic is O2 permeable.

I think they mean that the bags are not only able to allow O2 in, but 
CO2 out. It wouldn't help much to have a bag with a CO2 build-up and 20% 
O2, the fish would still be dead. Kordon is a company on the up and up 
in my experience. If you contact them asking for technical details on 
any of their products they are happy to answer. One time I made the 
mistake of asking them how Amquel works and I got a packet in the mail 
that read like an article submission to a chemistry journal. It was all 
documented in meticulous detail.

Jerry Baker
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