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[APD] dragonfly nympth

i was cleaning my piranha tank yestreday and i noticed a insect clining to
the leaf of a bacomba,  i think its a dragon fly nympth but i am not sure,
it has large eyes and long legs and is about the size of a quarter,
 i dont know how it would have gotten in my tank as its completly covered
hood and is in my basement.
i couldent get a good picture of it because of the location and i couldent
get it to move without moving it by hand,
im mostly wondering what it eats in the tank as there are no small fish or
anything the only fish in the tank is 7" with razor teeth but doesnt seem to
notice anythign thats not moving fast.
i will try to take a picture but im leaving it alone as its an interesting
addition to a boring piranha tank.
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