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[APD] My introduction

To all list members,

I have just subscribed to this list and thought an introduction might be in
order.  My name is Bob Sapp and I live in Fairmont, West Virginia.  I have
had aquariums up and running on and off for the past 30 years.  I have
always wanted to have plants in the tanks but always with little success.
After a 10 year absence of aquatic life in my home I decided I would once
again get out the tanks and try for a balanced tank of fish and plants.

I set up a couple 10gal tanks so I could start small and began cycling the
tanks.  After a couple of days I picked up a small assortment of plants and
left them in the pots for a while to see how they would do.  I guess the
first thing I noticed was how fast the bacteria from the plants helped jump
start my tanks and get the nitrite out from the tap water.  I next picked up
some Cory?s and a couple Algae Eaters to start working on the tank.

I was very surprised to see that the plants were not dying by now (2nd
week).  About this time I stumbled on to the DIY CO2 generator, built one
and WOW.

I used some of the water from the 10s to jump start my 22 & 29 gal tanks.
Very excited about the growth in the 10s so, you guessed it, I went and
bought out the two local pet stores of their plants.  The one owner was so
happy with my purchased he threw in the 2 pots of Anubias lanceolata I asked
about earlier.  Also, I don?t think he liked the Java Fern either for he
threw in 4 pots also of them.  He said he didn?t like the black on some of
the leaves as well as the black spots.  He said for me to try them out and
let him know if they live.  When I got home each pot had 4 nice plants in
each and those little black spots were daughter plantlets.  They were
loaded.   One of the pots had about 20  two to three leaf plants about three
inches long all in one clump.  All said and done, after separating out all
the pots into individual plants I ended up with about 31 Java Ferns (not
including the daughter plants) and 8 Anubias lanceolata as well as those
plants I paid for.

As you might guess I am very excited about my plant tanks and I now find
myself with a thousand and one questions about what I am doing.  It is my
hope that this list will accept me and help me with my questions.

PS. I think I figured out why I could never keep plants going before.  I
read on the Web that Pleco?s like the fiber and I have always had a big one
to clean the tank glass.

Thank you and hope to get to know you all better.


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