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Re: [APD] Anubias lanceolata

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006 10:33:48 -0600, DurocShark
<durocshark at gmail_com> wrote:

>I gave up on tying. My anubias (and moss for that matter) are all attached
>with strategically placed stainless staples.

You gave up on trying . . . what? attaching? growing?
putting them in substrate? Anubias all together?

If you gave up on waiting for them to grow, know
nothing is slower growing than anubias. I didn't get
any leaves from my first one until it'd been in the
tank three months. 

The beauty of the most popular attachment technique
(cotton thread) is that it will rot away eventually and
disappear. Staples, compared to cotton thread, are
forever! And, I'd think, pretty ugly. And maybe they
don't agree with the plant? Or the wet environment? 

Doesn't seem like an ideal choice to me (not that I'm
the last word!) Anytime I've left stainless steel in
water very long a horrible poisonous fume came off the
water and everything turned black. If you're having
some kind of trouble, maybe it's the staples?

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
   -Albert Einstein

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