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Re: [APD] Anubias lanceolata

> >I gave up on tying. My anubias (and moss for that matter) are all
> attached
> >with strategically placed stainless staples.
> You gave up on trying . . . what? attaching? growing?
> putting them in substrate? Anubias all together?

Tying. Not trying. ;-)

My ADFs knock everything around and my nana would never get a chance to bond
to the driftwood when tied with either cotton or fishing line. Staples
worked perfectly, and the growth quickly covered the staples. I stapled 3 or
4 roots per plant to the wood.

No problems at all other than keeping up with the outstanding growth in my
tanks. It's been several months now since I did that. I should see if the
staples can be removed...


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