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Re: [APD] Toxic Materials?

If the fiberglass from the fiberglass-resin material comes out of the resin, I imagine small particles might be harmful to gills. If you don't think fiberglass comes out of old fiberglass-resin products, try sitting bareback in an old fiberglass chair, then try not to itch  ;-)  But the resin surface has to be rather deteriorated. If the material is relatively fresh, it shouldn't be a problem. 
Galvanized steel will impart zinc oxide, but zinc is the stuff of which many aquarium "lead" weights are made and they don't seem to be problematic.
The rotted 2x4s should impart a lot of organic activity and might lower you pH, if you care. Especially if the wood still contains lots of resin, like old fir. This might give you organic acids that will speed electrolysis of various metals -- which would be a natural occurrence in that situation. Of course, if the water is slightly base to begin with, the acids might only bring you down to pH 7.0 ;-)
What? No old license plate or soda bottles? Erik Olson once mentioned setting up a biotope tank something like this.
If you want to go whole hog, consider one of those town rivers that can catch fire -- a flaming aquascape might be a first.
If it's ready in time, and faithful to a locale, submit it to the AGA 2006 International Aquascaping Contest.
Good luck, good fun,

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I'm planning a planted tank of the Tom Barr, non-CO2 type. The theme is going to be 
"town river" with appropriate ornaments. Materials may include weathered, partially 
rotted 4x4s, galvanized steel, old red brick, stainless steel, fiberglass and glass.

Aesthetics aside, are any of these things toxic?

mugly wumple
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