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Re: [APD] ADA soil and dying goldfish.

I believe Mike Szilard wrote this email section below:
> That's because that is the old site.  Try this: http://www.adgshop.com/ 
> which is linked off their main page at http://www.aquariumdesigngroup.com/

Thanks for that Mike.

Very nice site. Pity it's in the USA...

http://www.adaeuro.com/ is the Europe one but its not in english.
Oh hum.

I popped into my local fish shop today and I asked about Aquatic soil. He 
said that no one wanted soil any more and I must have gotten old advice or 
read an 'old book'.

Amazing how so many retailers are so out of touch with their customers and 
the Aquarium trade isn't it?

Maybe its a 24 hour day running a pet shop?

Stuart Halliday
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