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Re: [APD] ADA soil and dying goldfish.

Thanks, Mike. The Senske's are always a class act, so the the probs with the other links were rather puzzling. This is more like it. The Galleries pages on the ADG web site are simply breathtaking.
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That's because that is the old site.  Try this: http://www.adgshop.com/ 
which is linked off their main page at http://www.aquariumdesigngroup.com/


On 6/3/2006 2:56 AM Stuart Halliday said the following:
> I believe Thomas Barr wrote this email section below:
>> Good with orders, communication and knowledge.
>> Few would argue otherwise.
>> http://shop.aquariumdesigngroup.com/
> Shame that their web site is a mess.
> I just get lots of 'documents not found' when trying to find this product.
> ;-)
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