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[APD] Cycle query

I believe Jamie Bright wrote this email section below:

> so I am nearing 9 months as a new fish keeper, yes,
> but these 9 months have been filled with study.)

Been there, done that! ;-)

My wife listens to my fishy rants too.

> Does anyone know how much, IF AT ALL, a 25-watt undergravel heater would
> raise the water temperature in a 36 gallon aquarium?

Hardly at all I would think. IIRC the idea is to have the roots about 1 
degree C higher that the water.

>  I'm still not > sure WHAT has killed my fish, but temperature and water
 > quality do! not seem to be it.

> I started up my first planted aquarium about 3 months ago and since then
> 4 of my 6 fancy goldfish have died and the 5th is showing the same signs
> of sickness today. I had them for 6+ months in a non-planted tank and all
> ? were fine.

So you added the gravel from your old tank and local rocks then after a 
month you added the fish?

How did you cycle your tank? Did you wait a month with only one fish in it 
for example?

> I got the plants from Arizona Aquatics (I think that's the name), which 
> comes highly recommended. To the new tank I added new gravel (seeded from
>  their existing tank) and added some river rocks also from near home
> (high in the Rockies, granite rocks, cleared with a local aquarium expert
> -- but I'm wondering now).

Could be heavy metals or chemicals seeping out of the rocks?

Goldfish are generally hardy fish. But bad rocks can kill.

Can I tell you politely that your email lines lengths are a mess?
See the archives:
as an example.

Maybe set them to 72 or 76 characters?

Stuart Halliday
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