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Re: [APD] How not to get rid of Chlorine (was : My goldfish are dying)

I believe Mark R wrote this email section below:

> She claimed chloramine was not used by her water company. Of course
> chloramine won't evaporate like chlorine. Anyway, it was just a suggestion
> based on her particular case and needs - she asked if she needed an RO
> filter and I said no and neither does she need to treat her water with
> conditioner. Judging by the number of emails I've gotten about it however, I
> see that this is not a popular piece of advice.

I don't think it wasn't popular it was just that probably like myself I 
didn't remember her saying she didn't have Chloramine.

Easy thing to do in a busy mailing list.

And as you say we all know about the dangers of Chloramine in our hobby.

Which is why when I'm replying to a person I know that there are dozens of 
people who are going to read my advice who may have not read the whole 
thread so I go into 'teacher mode'.

This is a certain technique you have to do when posting. After 26 years on 
electronic mailing lists it kind of becomes 2nd nature. ;-)

Stuart Halliday
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