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Re: [APD] My goldfish are dying

This is my position too, but Tom is consistent is saying that he finds 
ADA aquasoil to be better than the competitors.  I have no plans to use 
it, but since it isn't overly expensive, if you can find it, why not 
use it?

Vaughn H.

On Friday, June 2, 2006, at 10:12 AM, S. Hieber wrote:

> Pardon my cynicism. The hobby seems to go thorugh a slow series of 
> paradigm shifts in what's good to grow plants in, eventually coming 
> back to the conclusion that just about any gravel will work once it 
> accumulates some mulm. Then another marvel comes along and off we go 
> again. I say, it's a lot jiggery pokery in a mare's nest.
> Find something porous if you can, but it's not critical;, not so light 
> it won't hold down plants; for grain size, you can exercise a lot of 
> latitude  -- but try hit very roughly about 3 mm in avg, grain size.  
> Among those things, choose what looks nice. There's no secret 
> substrate ingredients that will make your plants grow. It's just basic 
> plant nutrition and plants happily get that from water if it's 
> available.
> sh
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> Subject: Re: [APD] My goldfish are dying
> When you go to higher light intensity, and are trying to grow plants as
> well as keep goldfish happy and healthy, your methods of doing both
> will probably change.  Tom Barr is recommendig ADA aquasoil very highly
> lately.  His experiments have shown that plants do grow better in ADA
> than in other aquarium substrates, and the ADA stuff is softer, so it
> doesn't scratch the glass when you are cleaning the tank.  It is cheap
> compared to most aquarium substrates, and is light, so the volume you
> get in a bag is greater, reducing the cost even more.  I don't use it
> because I have my tank set up with Soilmaster Select Pro Charcoal.
> The only disadvantage I know of for laterite is that it has to be used
> in a layered substrate, which is a PITA, plus, if you pull up a plant
> the roots tend to drag the laterite into the water, where it can cloud
> it up and leave a layer of laterite dust all over everything.  I have
> done a layered substrate, but not with laterite, and I did get those
> effects.  But, the primary reason not to use laterite is that it isn't
> necessary.  Adding any unnecessary thing to the tank just complicates
> things and adds more unforeseen problems.  And, that leads to
> undergravel heaters.  No one I have heard about has said they got
> improved plant growth with those heaters.  As far as I know they do no
> harm, but they are another unnecessary piece of equipment in the tank.
> You can adequately heat the aquarium water using regular heaters.
> The reason for the pH meter is that once you go to higher light
> intensity you are almost forced to use CO2 to avoid algae issues.
> Adding CO2 reduces the pH of the water, so monitoring pH becomes a more
> important issue, and hobby pH test kits really aren't very easy to use
> at all.  You can save some headaches if you take your undergravel
> heater money and buy a ph meter instead.
> Vaughn H.
> On Friday, June 2, 2006, at 08:36 AM, Jamie Bright wrote:
>> What is the advantage of ADA aquasoil?  Where can I get it?
>> Disadvantages of laterite?  Seems to be the most common recommendation
>> I have come across, until your posts today.
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