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Re: [APD] My goldfish are dying

May I suggest that you not spend money on an undergravel heating cable, 
nor on laterite?  Neither is needed or especially beneficial for 
growing plants or keeping fish healthy.  It would help more to spend 
that money on good lighting, good test kits, including a pH meter, a 
pressurized CO2 system, and some ADA aquasoil or other good substrate 
Vaughn H .

On Thursday, June 1, 2006, at 01:04 PM, Jamie Bright wrote:

> Donald and Melis,
> I have ordered tests for GH and KH, as well as the foods you 
> recommended.  I have also decided I AM going to rebuild the aquaria in 
> the new house, and try again.
> Part of me thinks this may have been too many fish -- though the quick 
> demise in identical fashion still makes me wonder if this would be the 
> cause.
> Are the values reported by my local water company acceptable, assuming 
> I treat the water?  Do I need to consider RO (I am considering getting 
> it for the whole house anyway), or some other kind of neutralization?
> I got a great description offline of how to do a "goldfish physical" 
> from a woman named Susan, and I'm going to try that on Blondie soon.  
> He's doing really well so far, by the way, very energetic and active, 
> no signs of any problems (of course, with all the rest, by the time I 
> noticed the slightest deviation from normal, it was too late, so I am 
> keeping my fingers crossed).
> Are there any precautions with commercial fertilizers and goldfish?  I 
> am going to add laterite and an undergravel heater cable to the tank 
> when I move it, and start really focusing on growing the plants to be 
> more lush.  I'll keep it to one or two goldfish and see if I can make 
> a beautiful, healthy tank for awhile.
> My husband asked today if we could agree to reduce our tanks from 2 to 
> 1 in the new house (also eliminating the small betta tank and the 
> 2-gallon hospital tank which (lately) has been out a lot.  I said, "No 
> way, are you crazy?  Why would I agree to that?  I might even like to 
> have more tanks someday."  He laughed and looked genuinely grieved -- 
> seems I may have another challenge on my hands!!
> Thanks again.  Jamie
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