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Re: [APD] My goldfish are dying

On Tue, 30 May 2006 18:24:12 -0600, "Jamie Bright"
<jamiejoybright at msn_com> wrote:
forgot to ask: do you use any sort of aerosol product
close enough to the tank(s) it might drift over it? Is
tank near open window/do you have a neighbor who has
lawn service or do you yourself have lawn service?
Careful to wash hands/arms religiously and rinse even
more carefully before putting hands in the wter? Got
toddlers/children/grandkids who might be tempted to go
fishing? Dredging up memories of problems I've read of
in the past other people have had. The poor guy with
the open window and lawn services next door was the
saddest one I think.

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