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[APD] My goldfish are dying

I checked with the local water dept.  No recent changes in added chemicals.

They use chlorine, not chloramines.  These are the values they report:  Chlorine = 4 ppm; Nitrate = 10 ppm; Fluoride = 4 ppm.  Anything else I should be concerned about there?

My bottle of NovAqua+ says:  "Removes chlorine and toxic metals, breaks down chloramines."  It also adds some helpful stuff for slime coat, immune health, electrolytes, vitamins, virus and bacteria inhibitor.

I am trying a temperature raise to 78 degrees and will start feeding my last fish MediGold to see if I can spare him the same outcome.

I am curious to get to the bottom of this problem, or else I will be hesitant to replace the fish.  Do I have to dismantle both aquariums, disinfect everything possible and toss the rest, and start again?  I've got some recommendations for disinfecting the plants and gravel.  If I have to toss everything and start again, I will do that shortly when I move.  But if the problem is something I'm doing, or in the tap water, it won't change.

One thing I will for sure do is not add any more fish with the remaining one until some time has passed and I can see that he has survived, and hopefully recovered from whatever it is that is infecting these fish.

All this technical talk hides the degree to which I'm disheartened about all this.  I thought I had done all my research, I'm faithful with the water changes, etc.  As far as I can tell, I've "done everything right," and so I'm confused and hesitant to start again.

I really appreciate any help you might offer.  Thanks, Jamie
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