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Re: [APD] local water conditions

i thought i would pass this on as possibly useful.
When i moved to the Northeast from Houston i could not believe my water had  
a Gh of <1 a Kh of <1 and a pH of 9.2. 
After buying new test kits and repeating the results i contacted my local  
water company.
While the first 3 people i spoke to were unable to offer any assistance  
other than referring me to another person, i eventually did get the Chief  Chemist 
( duh! ) who graciously took the time to give me the what- water was  
naturally slightly acidic, the how- by adding large amounts of Sodium  Carbonate they 
were able to raise the pH, and why-to stop the leaching of  lead into the 
water system at the old old homes with lead pipes>.
The person to speak to is the Chief Chemist as most of the other personnel  
are not going to be able to help us in our particular needs.
rich green 
milton ma
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