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Re: [APD] help -- my goldfish are dying

I've asked her offline, but haven't got an answer on
that issue. I did mention what you did in this post to
her, that it might not even be an issue. 

It may not even be an issue at my house. Our tests show
no noticeable ammonia in our water when it's treated. 

On Mon, 29 May 2006 12:08:50 -0700, "Rachel S"
<rachelsor at gmail_com> wrote:

>Did I miss the part whre someone asked if the water is treated with Chlorine
>or Chloramine? If it's just chlorine, there isn't an ammonia issue when you
>treat the chlorine. If it is, then ammonia is an issue.
>But this doesn't say why the fish should start having problems now, I don't
>think. Unless the water supplier changed from using chlorine to chloramine,
>which happens, but there's usually an announcement.
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