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Re: [APD] help -- my goldfish are dying

In a planted tank the ammonia doesn't stay there very long, since the 
plants use it up pretty quickly.  So, when  you get a zero reading it 
just means that there is none at that particular time, but that doesn't 
mean there wasn't quite a bit some other time.  This still might not be 
the problem, but there must be a real reason why we take such care to 
treat our water with Prime every time we change water.

Vaughn H.

On Sunday, May 28, 2006, at 06:55 PM, Jamie Bright wrote:

> Thanks for the input.  If it's the NovAqua+, wouldn't my ammonia 
> measurement register something sometimes (it's ALWAYS been zero since 
> my first month with my first tank ever, and after a week or so in the 
> new tank while it was being cycled)?  Or should I be measuring 
> something else?  I am heartbroken to think all my water changes could 
> have harmed them.  Ugh.  I appreciate the good detective work, though.
> jamie

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