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Re: [APD] atrazine

Vaughn and Carol, well, you both are right.

The issue with atrazine, unlike many other newer herbicides, you
need a great deal of it to be effective. So you have huge
amounts/high concentration being added to the fields each year. 

Then, it's rather persistant on top of that.
Then they keep using it over and over(poor management) on the
same fields(lack of crop rotation).

So this and certain environmental condition favor it's presence
in ground water supplies. 

The dead weeds, they leave old root spaces in the soil, the
herbicide flies down these channels in the soil right out of the
bacterial zone and into the ground water.

This is huge problem since while the soil might appear to be
this nice homogenous layer, it's not.
Those weeds often have massive root systems, these bore out
large channels in the soil profile. When the roots die, they
leave behind these channels.

Timing of the application, rains etc can all effect the target
weeds and the influx into the ground water.

> Actually, the amount of a chemical necessary to be dangerous
> could be very  
> important.  
> Carol   < ' )))><

As I mentioned, fluridone is roughly 1000X less toxic to people
than caffine which some people love.

> A carcinogen doesn't work by being poisonous.  It works by
> affecting 
> the DNA of the cells.  About all that is changed by bigger
> doses, 
> unless it is also poisonous, is how quickly the DNA damage is
> visible 
> as cancer.  As I  posted before, only a small percentage of
> the 
> chemicals that have been tested, at any level, are
> carcinogens.  Once a 
> chemical is found to be carcinogenic, the wise thing is to
> assume it is 
> carcinogenic for all species and greatly limit or eliminate
> exposure to 
> it.  And, just as smoking does not mean that an individual
> will get 
> cancer, but it does greatly increase the probability that he
> will, the 
> same is true of other carcinogens to a lesser or greater
> degree.
> Vaughn H.

Hummm, you could work for Phillp Morris?:)

Tom Barr


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