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Re: [APD] Atrazine

My last comment before I go back to aquatic plant subjects:  Neither 
sunlight nor asbestos fibers are chemicals.  They act differently, as a 
result, just as gamma rays or neutrons do.

Vaughn H.

On Sunday, May 28, 2006, at 03:36 PM, David Aiken wrote:

> Dose—
> the level of asbestos exposure—doesn't seem to affect the latency
> period but exposure to higher doses results in a higher incidence of
> the disease. In other words, exposure to asbestos dust does not mean
> that you will develop mesothelioma but exposure to greater quantities
> increases the likelihood that you will. The damage will take the same
> period to become apparent irrespective of the actual exposure received.
> Exposure to UV in sunlight can cause a range of skin cancers and once
> again latency periods can be very long. Levels of exposure don't seem
> to affect latency all that much here either, at least for most
> "normal" exposures.

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