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[APD] Help -- my goldfish are dying...


Thanks for the input so far.  I'll answer the questions posed.

Size of tank:  36 gallons.

Water changes:  very frequent, and even more after the fish started dying

Testing:  ammonia (always 0), nitrite (always 0), nitrate (up to 30-40 before several water changes, usually lower).  The new tank was cycled with several other fish, and I used Seachem's Stability along with my usual NovAqua+ Water Conditioner with water changes.

Food:  rotation of Tetra Fin Goldfish Flakes, Omega One Freeze Dried Bloodworms and Ocean Nutrition Frozen Bloodworms.  Frozen peas every week or so, lettuce once and a while.

Fish obtained at 4 different times, new ones quarantined, the last one was added to the group about 8 weeks before I moved them all to the new tank.  The first to die was the first one I got, nearly a year before.

Lighting is weak (only 34 watts), no CO2, no fertilizers.  I generally keep a low amount of salt in the tank, but for the sick fish I increased it in the hospital tanks, and did one "fish dip" following instructions I read.

I have not tried medicated food, nor have I raised the water temperature above normal (69-71 degrees).

I don't think this is swim bladder disease.  Not being able to stay upright seems to be a consequence of their zapped energy near the end.  Also, the progression is too consistent from fish to fish -- I'm sure it's something contagious, but beyond the (admittedly limited) 2 medicines I have here.  I also checked with the local store guy, and he didn't have any other ideas so I haven't tried anything else.  No external signs of trouble on the body.

I've thought about the biopsy idea, but that's really beyond my interest/capabilities at this time.  Maybe that will be the only way to deciper this problem.

I asked the question here because I wonder if something could have been brought in with the plants that set this whole thing off.  Figured you plant experts would know if that's possible (I realize highly unlikely).

Thanks for the ideas.  You may see my questions posed on the other threaded discussions shortly.  

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