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Re: [APD] (no subject)

Tell us more about the tank, how big, what lighting, using CO2?, how 
many water changes, what fertilizers, etc.
Vaughn H.

On Saturday, May 27, 2006, at 10:23 AM, Jamie Bright wrote:

> Help!!  Can you help me determine why my goldfish are dying?
> I started up my first planted aquarium about 3 months ago and since 
> then 4 of my 6 fancy goldfish have died and the 5th is showing the 
> same signs of sickness today.  I had them for 6+ months in a 
> non-planted tank and all were fine.
> I got the plants from Arizona Aquatics (I think that's the name), 
> which comes highly recommended.  To the new tank I added new gravel 
> (seeded from their existing tank) and added some river rocks also from 
> near home (high in the Rockies, granite rocks, cleared with a local 
> aquarium expert -- but I'm wondering now).
> The first fish didn't get sick for over 6 weeks after going in the 
> tank.  Two followed a week later and the 4th succumbed about 3 weeks 
> ago.  At that point, I moved the two remaining goldies to their former 
> small tank, but now after 3 weeks there, my little pearlscale is sick 
> too.  THE ONLY SYMPTOMS are:  lethargy, low energy, and buoyancy 
> problems.  Appetite stays fairly strong until a day or so before 
> death.  I've tried hospital tanks and the remedies I have (a Jungle 
> product that is anti-fungal/anti-bacterial and/or Maracyn-Two).  I 
> have tried salt baths, too.  All 4 have died within 4-6 days of first 
> showing lethargy/floating problems.
> Obviously, nothing has worked in the 4 so far.  With my 5th fish sick, 
> I'm now getting desperate.  Any ideas?  Suggestions?  I'd be very 
> grateful for your thoughts, and what to do to try and protect my 6th 
> and last remaining (a beautiful yellow fantail).
> Oooooh, while I was writing this e-mail, Ginger died.  Well, I'd still 
> like to get to the bottom of this and protect Marge if possible.
> Many thanks, Jamie
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