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Re: [APD] Hydroponics

Nick said.

>>Who said hydroponic fertilizers were all raw chemicals
>>like KNO3?  Have you ever actually been to a
>> hydroponic store?  The one near me sells water soluble >>fertilizers made
from all natural sources like bat guano,
>>phosphate rock, etc.  So yes, one can grow organic >>produce

OK.  I was just curious as to whether hydroponically-grown veggies would be
classified "organic" under the US regs.  Apparently they are?

<<This is one og the most uninformed comments I have <<heard in a while.
Organic is not about food being more <<nutritious.  Who ever said that?
Organic is about taking <<better care of the planet we live on.

Oh?  I thought that people paid a premium for organics to get what they
thought was more nutritious food, but it is really to "save the planet"!
Gee.  As you might know, some say that if all agriculture shifted to
organic, 40% of the population would starve.  Save the planet and starve the

I wouldn't mind raising my kids near an 8 square mile farm with "atrazine
loaded" soil.  But then I use chemical fertilizers
to supply the N-P-K that my lawn needs, too, along with grass clippings and
leaf mulch.  And I am not worried about kids and pets playing there.

I think we all should use our critical thinking skills about this.


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