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Re: [APD] Hydroponics

Jerry B. said,

<<Not always. The market bears a higher price for organics, <<so that's
where the demand-price equilibrium is.

A market price is determined by the relationship between demand and supply.
In the short term, when demand increases and supply remains constant, the
price increases; when supply increases and demand remains constant, the
price decreases.  That's basic economics.  Right now the demand for organics
exceeds the supply, while the demand for non-organics is generally in
equilibrium with the supply.  Hence the difference.

Products that are grown without insecticides and chemical fertilizers, etc.,
will yield less per acre than those that use available technology.  I don't
think that anyone will argue against that.  The article referenced by the
link below estimates that only 60 percent of the current world population
could be sustained without the use of artificial fertilizers on crops.

I doubt that there are any studies that prove that consumption of organic
foods have any health benefits, except for those that come from people being
made "happier" by their choices.  Which is a good thing.

Here's a link to an Australian site that has some good information, pro and
con, on organic produce.


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