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Re: [APD] Plant ID

In repsonse to my request for a plant ID of:

Glen Skinner wrote:

> I have the same plant, purchased a few months ago.  It was unlabeled but 
> my
plant is definitely an Anubias.  My tentative identification is Anubias
barteri var. angustifolia, but I am by no means certain.  I get the feeling
that the taxonomy of Anubias is a little questionable anyway!
> See:
> http://www.tropica.dk/productcard_1.asp?id=101C

Dennis Dietz wrote:

>  I have some of this plant.  It was one of my first aquarium plants.  I
got it at PetCo under the name of Anubias afzelii.   All the literature I
have ever seen refers to A. afzelii as a */much/* larger plant but this
one stays very small, leaves no longer then 2" under every conceivable
light or nutrient situation.   It does grow incredibly slowly, on the
order of 1 leaf every few months in conditions where the A nana, petite,
barteri, golden, marbled, coffeefolia, and Gabon all put out several
leaves a week (more or less).

Cameron James wrote:

>  ...being from Africa myself and having a passion at the moment
for Anubias, I can positively ID it as Anubias barteri var. glabra. Comes
from Nigeria & Cameroon. It reaches 15-35 cm of height. It was formerly
named Anubias lanceolata.

Well, it's probably one or another of those listed above.  They all look 
very similar to me.  Thanks to those who wrote.

John T. Fitch

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