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Re: [APD] Hydroponics


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> After doing some research, I found that in the USA, at least, 
> the law says that the "organic" label requires that at least 
> 95 percent of the nutrients used to grow the product must be 
> from natural sources, such as manure and
> rotting compost.   KN03, etc., are not "natural" and would seem to
> disqualify the product from being sold as "organic", as would 
> crops grown hydroponically.
Who said hydroponic fertilizers were all raw chemicals like KNO3?  Have
you ever actually been to a hydroponic store?  The one near me sells
water soluble fertilizers made from all natural sources like bat guano,
phosphate rock, etc.  So yes, one can grow organic produce

> "Organic" produce sells at a higher price because yields are 
> smaller than those of foods grown with chemical aids.  I 
> could never see any sense in paying that higher price, since 
> "organic" and "regular" foods are chemically
> identical, but if it makes people feel good, then . . .   .

This is one og the most uninformed comments I have heard in a while.
Organic is not about food being more nutritious.  Who ever said that?
Organic is about taking better care of the planet we live on.  Synthetic
fertilizers, herbicies, pesticides have long-term negative affects on
the environment.  It's been proven countless times.  If you had a
choice, would you rather raise your children in a community of organic
farming/soil practices or near an 5000 acre Illinois corn farm with
atrazine loaded soil and groundwater?


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