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Re: [APD] Hydroponics

It's not as if "organic" in these contexts, has an established meaning. The term is a loose as the organics from a goose. I prefer the defintion that organic chemists use, which includes all pertoluem products, btw. 
One might as well, substitute the terms "natural and wholesome," "improved," "40% better," or some other such term that in ad copy is allowed wide semantic berth.
One other thing, doesn't dangling suggest motion? Roots hang or drape but they don't dangle, do they? Oh gosh how I hate these slow days.

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Jerry said, in part:

>>Up here, hydroponics are a viable solution to extending >>the growing
season.  Additionally, with the trend towards >>organic foods, there's more
interest in veg growing at >>home than buying pre-packaged crap at the

Are foods grown with their roots dangling in a chemical soup considered
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